Amersi Lecture Theatre: Wireless Presentation using ChromeCast

Using the Amersi Lecture Theatre ChromeCast, it is possible to wirelessly cast multimedia or share your device’s screen using the Google Home app (or Google Chrome if using a laptop/tablet).

If using this service, please be sure to read the guidance at the bottom of this page on how to stop casting after your session.

To initialise the ChromeCast, use the Kramer panel on the wall/lectern to select the current position of the lectern and bring up the below menu:

Tap the Wireless Presentation icon and you’ll be asked to select the screen(s) on which you want to present. You will then need to take the following steps to connect your device to the ChromeCast:

1. Connect your device (Laptop/Tablet/Phone) to the ChromeCast WiFi network
The password for the ChromeCast network is available on the lectern.

2. Ensure your device has the required software.

Android & iOS devices
Good news! You have it by default so are good to go!
Windows PC and macOS
Ensure Google Chrome is installed. If you do not have Chrome installed, simply search the web for ‘Download Google Chrome’ and install.

3. To stream media from an app

Most media streaming services (YouTube, iPlayer etc.) are compatible with ChromeCast.  You can access these through the Chrome browser or through the player’s app on your mobile device.

Search for the cast icon in the corner of the player. Click it, and select Amersi Lecture Theatre from the list of available ChromeCasts.

4. To mirror your device’s screen (Not compatible with iPhone/iPad)

Download Google Home  from Google Play.

Go to the settings  menu in the top left corner of the Google Home app.

Select ‘Cast screen/audio.’

Choose Amersi Lecture Theatre from the list that appears.

Windows PC & macOS
Go to the settings  ( or) menu in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser and choose ‘Cast…’

Next, click the Sources button. This will give you three options:

  • Cast tab: shares your current browser tab
  • Cast desktop: shares your desktop
  • Cast file: allows you to stream a media file (video/audio)

Finally, further up on the same menu, select Amersi Lecture Theatre from the list of available devices:

Once you have finished using the ChromeCast it’s important that you follow the following steps to disconnect your device or you may end up inadvertently sharing personal data with whoever uses the room next.

5. Disconnecting from the ChromeCast

Android & iOS devices
While casting, there will be a cast icon in your notifications bar.  Swipe down to bring up the notifications panel, and press the cross on the casting status banner.

Windows PC and macOS
While casting, there will be a cast icon in the top right corner of your Chrome browser window.  Click it and you will see an option to ‘stop.’