Guide to using Note (whiteboard software)

Note is the whiteboard software loaded onto the smartboards in the Amersi Foundation Lecture Theatre and the Old Library, and is available to be used by anyone using these rooms.

In contrast to traditional whiteboards, Note allows you to save your notes so they can be shared to students via email after a teaching session.

To open Note, double tap on the shortcut located on the desktop. It will look like this:

Once Note is loaded, it will come up with a blank screen with some options at the bottom.

Basic Options

To select one of the following basic options, tap it once with the smartboard pen.


The draw option is the default when you load up Note. To use it, place the smartboard pen on the touchscreen, and move it to draw what you wish to.


The erase option works similarly to the draw option, except that instead of drawing on the screen, it can be used to erase items on the screen.


To use the polygon tool, draw the shape you want as if you were using the draw tool, then lift the smartboard pen off the screen. Note will then generate a polygon which closely matched what you’ve drawn. (NOTE: Unless you are really good at drawing shapes, these will NOT be regular polygons. If you need regular polygons, please read the advanced options later in this guide)


To use this option, you have two methods. First, you can place the smartboard pen on a specific item on the screen, then move the pen to move the object. Second, you can place the pen down on a blank area of the screen to move all items on the screen at the same time.


This converts written text to printed text. To use it, select the tool, then write the phrase you want to be converted to text. After lifting the pen off the screen, Note will convert the writing to text. To reduce the chance of any errors being made, it is a good idea to write as clearly as possible, though Note does have a good tolerance for handwriting. Also, lifting the pen off the screen for too long between words will result in the part already written being converted before you finish. An easy solution for this is to just continue writing, then use the move tool to move the 2 pieces of text together.


Tap on Undo to undo the last action you did (You can tap undo multiple times to undo multiple actions). If you accidentally undo an action, tap redo to redo the action.


Advanced options

To open the advanced options, double tap on the corresponding basic options.


This allows you to customize the draw option. Use the slider to change the thickness of your strokes, use the colour picker to select the colour that you draw in, and select a brush/pen at the bottom to change how your stroke looks.


This option provides 2 buttons and a slider. The first button just gives you the basic erase option, while the second button allows to erase an area by drawing around it. Finally, if you want to erase the entire screen, drag the slider to the right using the smartboard pen.


This provides a range of options. The slider allows you to select the thickness of lines in a polygon. You can also select a specific polygon to place a regular polygon on the screen which you can then rotate or change the size of. Some (like the lines/arrows), allow you to drag out a line with the pen. Finally, you are able to select the colour of the polygons on the right.

Saving your smartboard and drawing on the desktop

To open the save options, tap on the button marked in the picture, then tap on save. Meanwhile, if you wish to draw on the desktop (for example, to draw on a pdf you have up), tap the other button marked in this picture. You will be sent to the desktop with a limited range of the options above, plus a mouse option which allows you to use the smartboard normally without drawing on it. You will then be able to draw on the desktop.