Staff How To Guides

Below are selection of guides and tutorials relevant to staff activities. If you have any suggestions or requests for additional guides, please contact


How to Spot Phishing emails
How to Encrypt a PDF Document
How to Protect an Office (Word / Excel) Document
How to Create Encrypted Password Protected Zip and RaR Files
How to Send Large Files and Archives Securely Using OxFile
Encrypted USB Media (Available from ICT Office)
Brasenose Information Security Summary – Staff Leaflet
How to unzip a Password Protected Zip or RaR File

Email Guides

Mail Lists – Everything You Need to Know
Managing Junk Mail

Setting Up Email Rules
Setting an Out Of Office Message
Adding a Photo to Your Email Address/Profile
How to recall a sent Email
How to view Message Headers in Outlook
How to access delegated mailbox via Webmail

Nexus 365 Guides

Accessing Nexus 365 via Web Access
Signing into Your College Workstation After Migration
Configuring Outlook 2016 (Mac)
Configuring Mac Mail (Mac)
Configuring Nexus 365 for iPad/iPhone
Configuring Nexus 365 for Android devices

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms and Their Facilities
Technical Guide for Amersi Foundation Lecture Theatre
How to use Chromecast to Display Your Presentation Wirelessly

Getting connected

Remote Access
The CHORUS VOIP Telephone system
How to Connect to College Wi-Fi
How to Send or Receive a Fax

Miscellaneous Guides

Changing default photocopy settings on Ricoh copiers
Creating interactive forms with Microsoft Forms
How to Search Google – The Commands You May Not Know!
Who to send Website Updates / Changes to?
Scanning Documents to Email
Scanning Documents to a Network Folder
SharePoint: Delegating Approval Tasks to another account before an absence
Brasenose Organisational Chart -January 2020