Changing default photocopy settings on Ricoh copiers

To reduce the College’s environmental impact, photocopiers found in the bursary, libraries and computer rooms have now been set to default to double-sided copying. This means any copies of multi-page documents will be double-sided by default.

It is still possible to do single-sided copies by following the steps in this brief guide. You’ll need to put the copier into photocopy mode as usual. Note how 1 sided to 2 sided is highlighted in yellow as the default:

To revert back to 1 sided to 1 sided copying, simply press the highlighted 1 sided to 2 sided button to deselect it – it will no longer be highlighted in yellow:

Your documents will now be copied to 1 sheet of paper per copied page.

You can also select any of the other options, such as 2 sided to 2 sided etc.

Once you’ve finished copying, these settings will only hold until the copier goes to standby, after which point the settings will revert to their default.