How to connect to BrasenoseWifi

To begin connecting your wireless devices to the network you must first generate your unique Dynamic Pre-Shared Key – this is a single, secure key that you can then use to key any of your wireless devices to BrasenoseWifi.

To generate your key, you can either:

A. Visit from any device with an internet connection. This can be done from anywhere – even from home! Once the page has loaded, continue to step 1 of this guide.


B. While in College, connect to the onboarding network using a phone/laptop. Look for an open wireless network called BNC-Onboarding and connect to it (no password is required).

Open a web browser on your device and you will be automatically redirected to the onboarding page. If you are not redirected straight away, please try navigating to any website (e.g. and you will be redirected to the page shown in step 1 below.

Step 1

Read and agree to the terms and conditions, and then click Start:

First page of the Brasenose network onboarding process

Step 2

On the next page, select University of Oxford Single Sign On:

Onboarding step 2 - selection of authentication method

Step 3

You’ll be prompted to enter your SSO username on the next screen. Please enter your username in the format where abcd1234 is your Oxford SSO username:

Onboarding step 3 - entering SSO username

Click Next and enter your password – this is the same password you use to log into your work email account. Next, click Sign in and authorise any prompts you receive for multi-factor authentication (MFA).

If you receive your MFA prompt via a push notification from the Microsoft Authenticator app you may need to open the app for the notification to appear.

Onboarding step 3 - entering SSO passwordStep 4

Once you’ve logged in successfully you will be given the option to set up a Wi-Fi connection or a wired connection. Select Wi-Fi connection:

Wifi or wired network selection menu

On the next screen you will be provided with your personal Wi-Fi code. This can be used to join all your wireless-enabled devices to the network:

Wifi code success pageThis key will be sent to your University email address for your records. We strongly recommend that you save this email in a subfolder of your mailbox so you can quickly refer to it the next time you need to connect a device.

Please note that your wifi key is unique to you and must never be shared with anyone else – you are liable for any unauthorised network activity that takes place over connections made using your credentials.

Step 5

Disconnect from (and forget) the BNC-Onboarding network and connect to BrasenoseWifi using your newly generated key.