Creating Teams

Any member of Staff or Academic can request a Team to be created. This guide aims to address the steps required to request Teams and add members.

Before you start

Please note that to request and create Teams, there must be two owners.

How to request a Team

To request a Team please visit the link below and login with your SSO credentials:

Click on Create Nexus 365 Teams or Group

Please complete the Requestor Details as shown below.

Please complete the Team or Group Details form. You will need to choose a name and purpose for your Team.

The next step is the Owners of Team or Group. Please note, you must choose two owners, this can be another TutorĀ  or member of staff who you work with. If you have problems finding a second owner, please contact IT via

Please choose a Type for your Team. The blue “i” icon provides details of the different types of Teams. If you require a normal Team choose “Other”; if you are requesting a class Team please choose “Class”.

After completing these details please press Continue. Review the details you have provided and click Submit.

How to add members to Teams

Once the Team is created members can be added in one of a number of ways.

  1. We normally add members to the team manually as owners or other members can add members for owners to authorise.
  2. A link can be generated to be emailed to users; when they click on the link the owners get an email asking to authorise the addition.
  3. A code can be generated to be emailed to a user, they can then use the code in Teams to directly add themselves the Team.

Option 2 is better than option 3 as you have some control over who adds themselves to the team, 3 is less work than 2 but is a little risky.

Options 2 and 3 are described here:

You can then create meetings and invite the Team, and all who are in the team can attend the meeting.