How to view message headers in Outlook

Message headers are used to report a Phishing email. You may be asked to send a message header to IT for reporting a Phishing email to University’s Information Security services.

If you use Web mail to access your emails, please click here.

How to view Message Headers in Outlook

  • Open the specific email message in a new Window by double clicking on the email.

  • Go to “File” tab and click  on the “Properties” button.

  • A window as shown below will open and you will be able to see the message headers.

Please copy the Internet Headers and send to IT if requested.

How to View message Headers in Web Browser

  • Login to Outlook Web mail, open the specific message in a new window by double clicking on the message.
  • Click on the Message Details icon on the toolbar at the top of the message.

  • This will open the Message Details box and under the Internet Mail you will find the message headers.

Please copy the header and send it to IT if requested.