Configuring Nexus 365 on iPhone

If you already have a Nexus account configured, it is advised that you remove this first before configuring the 365 account.

To delete the email account, from your home screen go to setting and select Accounts and Passwords. You will see your Brasenose email box, click on the arrow and then click on Delete Account.

Deleting your email account from your phone, does not delete your emails.

To add your email account on your phone, please follow the steps below.

From your home screen, go to Setting and select Accounts and Passwords.

Select Add Account.


Select Exchange

Enter the following information:

Email: enter your full university address ( for example:

Add a pertinent description if you wish

Select Next

When a message box ” Sign in to your “”Exchange account using Microsoft” appears, select configure manually.

Enter your SSO password and click next.

On the next screen, please add the following information:


Domain: leave blank

Username: username@OX.AC.UK (Please ensure the OX.AC.UK is capitalised)

Password: enter your SSO password

Click Next.

Once you have entered all your details. You will see what has been synchronised with your device. You will have the option to configure your Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes. Please make sure the sync option for contacts is turned off.