Mac Mail OS X -Nexus 365

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** If you already have a Nexus account configured, it is advised that you remove this first before configuring the 365 account – Click here for instructions **  

Configuring the built-in Mail application in Mac OS X for Nexus365 can be achieved by following steps below:

  • Open Mac Mail and select “Exchange” from the list and select “Continue
    • (If you have an existing email account already configured, then go to Mail Menu and choose Add Account…)

  • On the configuration screen enter your Name, full email address and your Single Sign On (SSO) password. Select “Continue

  • Additional configuration properties will now need to be entered, as below:
    • Username: username@OX.AC.UK (example brasxxx@OX.AC.UK – please ensure that this is capitalised )
    • Internal URL:
    • External URL: <Left Blank>

  • Select “Sign In
  • Choose which items you’d like to sync (i.e. Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc) and select “Done

  • Your mailbox should now open and begin syncing email.

Removing existing Nexus accounts (if required):

This section is linked from the top of the page and should be used if you have existing account configured using the old Nexus email system (no emails stored on the email server will be lost) .

  • To remove an account, Select the “Mail” menu > “Accounts

  • In the accounts menu, ensure you have the account you’d to remove highlighted (1). Use the “minus” icon (2) to the remove the account.

The selected account should now be removed.