Configuring Nexus 365 on Android

** If you already have a Nexus account configured, it is advised that you remove this first before configuring the 365 account – Click here for instructions **

This guide explains how to configure the built-in email app on an Android smartphone.

1. Open your mail app. If you do not currently have any email accounts configured in the app, go straight to step 2.

If you have any existing email accounts configured in the app, you’ll need to click the menu symbol in the top left-hand corner of the interface:

From the pop-out menu, click the cog symbol to open the settings menu:

Click add account under the Accounts section of the settings menu:

2. You will now see the set up account screen. Click add new account.

3.On the add new account screen, enter your full e-mail address e.g. in the username box. Type your password in the password box and click sign in.

4. When asked to select the account type, choose Microsoft Exchange/Activesync.

5. You may see an error saying “unable to connect to server”. This is ok – we need to change some details on the next screen to allow the app to connect.

Enter your details on the server settings page as follows:

Email address: Your full e-mail address in the format

Domain/username: Your SSO username followed by @OX.AC.UK (in capitals) – e.g. bras****@OX.AC.UK.

Password: Your email password

Exchange server:

Please also ensure that use secure connection (SSL) is selected.

6. You may be asked for consent to grant Office 365 certain permissions over your phone. These are set by the University’s Nexus Administrator. If you are concerned by the permissions being requested, please do not proceed with adding the account to your phone. Adding a University email account to your personal device is done at your own risk.

If you are happy to grant the permissions, click Activate.


7. Once the permissions are accepted you should now see your inbox. Your email app is now configured.

8. To avoid synchronising the entire University address book to your smartphone, it is recommended that you change the synchronisation settings of your work mailbox to prevent the app from syncing contacts. From within the email app, click the menu icon.


From the pop-out menu, click the cog symbol to open the settings menu:

Click the mailbox you wish to configure:

Scroll down until you see your synchronisation settings. Ensure the slider to sync contacts is deactivated:

You can also use this menu to change your out of office, choose which mailbox folders to synchronise to your device and set the period of time over which your calendar will sync.

How to remove a Nexus account from your Android device

Note that removing the account will also remove all messages from your phone, but your data will still be stored safely on the mail server. You will not lose any data by removing a Nexus account from your device.

1. To remove an existing Nexus mail account from your device before adding your migrated 365 mailbox, go to the Settings menu of your device and find a submenu called Accounts (may be titled “Cloud and Accounts”).

2. Tap Accounts. You’ll be presented with a list of all accounts configured for various apps on your smartphone. Look for an option that says Exchange or Microsoft Exchange – this will differ based on the app you’ve been using for your email.

3. You should then see a list of all the Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes that are configured on your device. If you have several and neet to choose from a list, tap the one you wish to remove. You’ll then see something similar to the following screenshot – tap the 3 dots in the corner and a menu will appear

4. Tap remove account to remove the account from your device.

The account is now removed from your phone and you can proceed to add your migrated Nexus 365 mailbox to the device.