Setting an ‘Out of Office’ Message

You can set you 'Out of Office' message using either you Outlook client or the online Nexus portal

Important: Please note, ICT staff cannot access your email to set up out of office notifications if you forget!



  • With your Outlook client open, click on the 'File' command in the upper left corner.  Look for the 'Automatic Replies' icon (below).

  • You will see a window pop us as shown below

    • Click on 'Send Automatic Replies'. Once clicked, you can set a start and End time for your emails by ticking 'Only send during this time range'. If you do not want to set up start and finish time please untick the Only send during this time range.
    • There are two different messages that you can type for your recipients.  

- Inside My Organization: When inside my organization is set, only people inside the same organization can see your reply. (E.g. only Brasenose members). Please type your message inside the box and click okay.
- Outside My Organization:  when this is set, people outside your organization will receive an out of office email too. Please click on Auto-reply to people outside my organization and anyone outside my organization and type your message inside the box and press okay.

  • Once you auto-reply becomes active, you will see a yellow warning message across the top of your Outlook client.
  • To turn off your Automatic Replies, please click on the 'Do not send automatic replies' option.


  • Please log on to using your SSO username and password.
  • Once logged in, click on the little down arrow on the right of the 'Options' menu - it is found in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on 'Set Automatic replies'.

  • Please click on 'Set Automatic Replies'.


  • If you would like to set a start and end time please click on send replies only during this time period. The first box is for inside your organization so please type your message in the box.
  • To send automatic emails outside of your organization, click on Send automatic reply message to senders outside my organization and click on send replies to all external senders. Please type your message inside the box.
  • Remember to click 'Save' on the bottom right hand side of the page!


  • To turn off automatic replies using webmail, click on 'Do not Send Automatic Replies'. This will turn off your automatic replies.