Outlook for Mac OS X -Nexus 365

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**If you already have a Nexus account configured, it is advised that you remove this first before configuring the 365 account – Click here for instructions**

Configuring Outlook 2016 in Mac OS X for Nexus365 can be achieved by following steps below:

  • Open Outlook
    • – (If you have an existing email account already configured, then go to Outlook Menu > choose Preferences > Accounts then select the “plus” icon to add an new account)
  • The “Set Up Your Email” dialog box will appear

  • Enter your username in the format username@OX.AC.UK and select “Next” (example brasxxxx@OX.AC.UK)

  • A University Webauth login page will appear, enter your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials and select “Login“.

  • Continue through the sign in process by selecting “Continue to Shibbolth Identity Provider

Once completed, you should see that your account has been added, select “Done“.

  • Outlook should now open and begin syncing your emails.


Removing existing Nexus accounts (if required):

This section is linked from the top of the page and should only be used if you have existing account configured using the old Nexus email system which needs to be removed (no emails stored on the email server will be lost).

  • To remove an account, Select the “Outlook” menu > “Preferences

  • From the Preferences Pane select “Accounts

  • In the accounts menu, ensure you have the account you’d to remove highlighted (1). Use the “minus” icon (2) to the remove the account.

The selected account should now be removed.