Scan to Folder

Scanning to a network folder from your departmental photocopier

Please note that departments have been set up to use this facility only on their nearest copier. The IT department, for example, has only been set up to scan from the Bursary photocopier.

Place your document either on the glass scanning bed or into the document feeder on top of the copier.

Press the scan button to the right hand side of the copier’s LCD touch screen to bring up the scanning options interface, if this is not already displayed.

Pressing the folder tab on the touchscreen will bring up a list of all the scan to folder accounts configured on that photocopier. Each department has been set up with a button on this screen, e.g. IT Scans, Conference Scans, and so on.

Press your department’s scan button and then press the green button to the right of the LCD touch panel to start scanning. Once your first document is scanned you can either insert another document into the scanner and press the green button to scan again, or to press the # button to stop scanning.

When the scanning job is complete you will be able to access your scanned documents via your departmental network drive. A folder called “Scans” is available in each network drive; this is where your scans will appear. You can then rename, move or delete them as needed.

Note that while anyone can send a scan to these departmental drives, only members of that department will be able to see the scanned documents. It’s also important to note that every member of the department will be able to see the contents of this folder, so it should not be used for scanning personal or confidential documents. We strongly recommend that scan to e-mail is used for anything personal or sensitive in nature, and are happy to set this up for staff on request – please e-mail to raise a support ticket.