How to Send or Receive a College Fax

The College fax number is 01865 595599

As part of the CHORUS project (moved College telephony from traditional analogue to modern digital VOIP) all existing college fax machines were replaced with a single eFax service.

The new service works without the need for either a traditional physical fax device, phone line or even paper. The eFax service essentially sends an email with the fax document(s) as an attachment to the eFax service provider, who then converts the attachment to a traditional fax signal and sends it to the recipient’s fax machine. Anyone sending college a fax, does so in the normal fashion using our number above – The eFax service provider receives the fax and converts it to an email which it subsequently sends to the email account listed below.  

How do I send a fax?

If you require to send a fax:

  1. Prepare your fax documents as a single PDF document. You can do this by printing/Save As from your application (e.g. Word etc.) to PDF or using a photocopier to scan your physical documents (N.B. By default, the ‘scan to email’ on the college photocopiers will deliver any physical documents in a single PDF to your email address).
  2. Send the PDF file (as an attachment), along with the fax number of the recipient to either (or if more appropriate).
  3. The ICT (or HR) team will electronically send your attached PDF, via the eFax service, to your intended recipient’s fax machine. We will email you back a copy of the electronic confirmation we receive when the fax has been successfully transmitted and received by your recipient’s fax device.

How can I receive a fax?

Third parties can fax the college using their normal traditional devices and the number above. As faxes arrive, the ICT (or HR) team will send the fax ( a PDF document) directly to the appropriate department/staff member via email. If you are expecting a fax, it may be worth notifying either ICT or HR team.