Letter from the Principal

Dear Colleagues,

As you will appreciate, coronavirus is posing huge challenges for the operations of College. The College response is being overseen by a group meeting every two days, which includes academic and GB input and representation from key functions. It consists of Philip Parker, Matt Hill, Mark Wilson, Owen Lewis, Julia Baldwin, Lauren Doran (the nurse), Simon Smith (or currently Henry Jestico), Simon Shogry, Gillian Chandler, John Kinsey, James Hellyer (currently Norman Meyer as James is ill)  and James Fletcher.

I would like to thank them and the very dedicated team of Officers as well as all of you for pulling together in these difficult times.

Given the number of staff who are self isolating and/or working from home, it is difficult to maintain services at our normal high level. You therefore may notice a diminution in provision. Our priorities are making sure that students who remain in residence are supported, that staff who are vulnerable or have vulnerable dependents can work at home, and that the college is safe and secure. I regret to tell you that some of our colleagues are ill. We send them our very best wishes.

If you have any queries, please contact Matt Hill.

Thank you all for your support and I hope you and your families remain well (or if already ill to recover quickly).