Setting up Forwarding for Personal Phone

If you have an Oxford University personal CHORUS telephone number, it can be forwarded to another Oxford University member, or to any UK mobile or landline number. The forwarding number can be changed as often as required. You will need:-

Your five-digit number: 12345
Your name: Joe Bloggs
Your SSO: bras****

Forwarding Your Oxford University CHORUS Personal Number to Another Person or UK Mobile or Landline Remotely

1. Go to and login via SSO (bras****) credentials.

2. In the top right hand corner, click on your Name and choose the ‘Forwarding & rules’ option

3.The screen below will appear:image002.jpg

4. Click on ‘Enable Call Forwarding’ and tick ‘Forward all of my incoming calls’:


5. Click on the ‘Search for contact or number’ (or ‘Change’ if you already have a call forwarding active) box to enter where you would like your number to forward to. You can either:a. Type the name of the University member you would like to forward your number to and press ‘Search Directory’ below. Press next image004.jpgto the entry that is correct.


b. Type any telephone number (Mobile or UK landline) you wish to forward to and press the button to the right that looks like this image004.jpg

6. If successful, the number (or contact) your CHORUS number is now forwarding to, will be displayed below the ‘Forward all my incoming calls’ option:image005.png