Teaching Room Setup Using Logitech MeetUp Camera

Logitech MeetUP Camera Guide For MSTeams

The Collaborative Teaching Room is set up to provide Remote Meeting, Remote Teaching Tutorials and for Hybrid Meetings, Hybrid Meetings are useful for those who are unable to attended a meeting in the room physically and are now able to join remotely and can follow and watch the Teaching Tutorial or a meeting taking place

Upon entering the Collaborative Teaching Room-
  1. Turn on Interactive Board/TV (If the iBoard doesn’t boot up into windows desktop and its displaying a different screen, press the input phycical button onĀ  the front panel of the iBoard to change to PC )
  2. Open Microsoft Teams application (Teams should automatically open and be signed in as Collaborative Teaching room)
  3. The MeetUp Camera should already be set up and ready to use

Remote Control Guide

Remote control can be used to help enhance the Meeting experience

Please do not unplug or move the MeetUp Camera from its position