Teaching Rooms Camera Setup With MSTeams

Teaching Rooms Camera Set up With MSTeams

The Logitech Connect Cameras are set up and ready to use in all our Public Teaching rooms excluding the Amersi room and the Collaborative Teaching Room

The setup is designed to take advantage of remote meeting, Remote Teaching Tutorials and can be used for Hybrid Meetings. Please see guide on our staff website ‘Hybrid Tutorials & Meetings. Some people in the room, some joining remotely!

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect Overview Video

As you enter the Teaching Room-
  1. Turn on Interactive Board/Screen.
  2. If the Interactive board fails to boot up into Windows Desktop press the input physical button on the iBoard (front) and select source PC.
  3. A sound will play off the Connect Camera to indicate its connected.
  4. Click and Launch Microsoft Teams.
  5. The Camera should already be connected,set up and Ready to use.
  6. The Camera can be moved and adjusted for better viewing angle but is limited due to the length of the power cable and usb cable.

Remote Control Use

Camera Pan tilt and Zoom:
Tilt and zoom the camera using the controls on the remote control. Press once for incremental or press and hold for continuous pan or tilt.

Answer calls:
Answer picks up call. Hang up ends call

Mute audio with Mute button

Volume control:
Volume Up and Down adjusts volume

Please cover the Camera lens using the remote control once you have finished with your meeting