Website Responsibilities

The following website responsibilities were agreed in 2014. They are designed to help content submissions reach the appropriate person.

Brasenose College Website Owner

The Bursar

Website Section Owners

The website structure is broken down into 7 clear sections as defined by the top tier menu level. The following table highlights who is the owner of each section. Ownership responsibility is defined as:

  • Responsible for overall look and feel of a section
  • Understanding target audience of a section
  • Prompting updates / changes with editorial final say


Section Section Owner
Home Schools & Publications Officer
About Brasenose Schools & Publications Officer
Prospective Students Schools & Publications Officer
Current Students Academic Administrator
Alumni Alumni Relations Officer
Conferences Conference Manager
Vacancies HR Manager


Departmental Responsibilities for Content found within Each Section


Department Area Responsibility for Content CMS user designated to actually implement content changes.
Bursar’s Office Vacancies HR Manager Bursar’s PA
College Policies Bursar / HR Manager Bursar’s PA
Contacts Page Bursar Bursar’s PA
College Office Academic Profiles Academic Administrator / Senior Tutor Senior Tutor’s Secretary
Current Student Information Academic Administrator Academic Administrator
Decanal / Welfare Dean / Junior Deans / JCR Welfare Academic Administrator
Graduate Admissions Admissions Officer Admissions Officer
Music/Chapel Music Director Schools Officer
News desk Schools & Publications Officer Schools & Publications Officer
Schools Liaison Information Schools & Publications Officer Schools & Publications Officer
Undergraduate Admissions Schools & Publications Officer Schools & Publications Officer
Development Office Alumni Information Development Director Alumni Relations Officer
Netcommunity Development Director Alumni Relations Officer
Domestic Bursary Accommodation Accommodation Manager Conference Manager
College Bar Bar Manager Conference Manager
Conference Material Conference Manager Conference Manager
Food & Catering Executive Chef Conference Manager
Lodge Head Porter Conference Manager
Finance Bursary Fees & Finance College Accountant TBD
ICT Office ICT Facilities / Information ICT Manager Infrastructure Officer
Library / Archives Library Pages College Librarian Library Assistant
History College Archivist Archive’s Assistant